Napa County Childcare Infrastructure ForgivaBle Loan

$3.8M program to create or retain spaces for childcare

Napa County’s is using some of its American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding to create or retain childcare spots specifically for both infant children (0-24 months) and low-income families through this forgivable loan program.

Don’t miss this opportunity to purchase or renovate your Child Care Business through this Forgivable Loan Program:

For every $250,000 of the forgivable loan amount received, a minimum of 5 childcare spots must be created (which would not exist but for this program) or retained (which would be eliminated but for this program) and must continue through the life of the loan.

Applicants who are interested in buying a house as their primary residence and as a site for their child care program can also get help with housing downpayment assistance programs such as the Napa County Workforce Proximity Program and the City of Napa/City of American Canyon First Time Homebuyer Program.

Solano-Napa SBDC has expert Business Advisors who can help you navigate the grant application and throughout the process!

Applications are being accepted now, so follow the steps below and EMAIL US (see below) to get help — at no charge!

Informational Webinar and Live Q&A
Monday May 1st
6:30pm – 7:30pm

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Program Requirements

To seek this funding, you must meet the following qualifications:

  • Be a childcare provider licensed by the California Department of Social Services. New childcare providers must have a license by the time they begin providing childcare services.
  • Be able to demonstrate the qualifications and experience to provide licensed childcare services.
  • Must have sound staffing and financial health at the time of providing childcare services. Sound staffing means staffing that the services are compliant with the State of California childcare licensing requirements.
  • The facility being improved with the funds must be providing childcare services within Napa County.

To apply, you must disclose the following:

  • Whether you (the applicant) have been an adverse party in litigation involving any public entity within the past ten (10) years.
  • All judgements and outstanding claims against you/your organization, or any affiliated entities; judgments and claims include, but not limited to, defaults on financial obligations, or operating without a license.
  • Whether you have filed bankruptcy at any time within the past ten (10) years.

Government, nonprofit and private for-profit childcare providers are eligible recipients for this program.

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1. Review Grant Requirements + Application

Review the grant requirements, application instructions and the application form at the Napa County website. The information at this page will answer many questions.

Napa County Website

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Informational Webinar and Q&A
Monday May 1st
6:30pm – 7:30pm

Download a Flyer with webinar details (English & Español)

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