Johnicon George

Business Advisor

Solano Napa SBDC

About Me:

Johnicon George Sr. is a multifaceted Business Owner, Community Activist, Advocate, and Organizer who has spent his life building stronger communities through mobilizing strategic connections and raising awareness of the challenges faced by individuals from disadvantaged and underrepresented populations.  This divide was made more apparent during the onset of the Covid-19 Global Pandemic, driving the need to take action to address these disparities through connecting residents to local programs and providing direct assistance.

His company, Icon Connects, LLC, was initially established as a consultant firm for small businesses and nonprofits, later pivoting into a staffing organization committed to offering workforce readiness programs and career counseling services in response to the negative economic impacts of the pandemic.  Icon Connects’ goal is to help bridge the gap between corporate institutions, community-based organizations, and government entities and the residents they serve.  They also offer facilitation services that allow communities to find their own path to success.  The company’s core mission is to help disenfranchised African American communities in the Solano County area that were the hardest hit by the pandemic.

He has been a major contributor to his local community for the past two decades in a variety of roles and continues to be an impactful servant leader as community needs continue to evolve.


Expertise: Business Planning Business/Partnership Development Operations