Nathan Andreatta

Nathan Andreatta

Business Advisor

Solano-Napa SBDC

About Me:

Nathan has an extensive background developing his own businesses and those of others in a multitude of verticals. Boasting over two decades in critical upper management roles, primarily centered in the client/customer acquisition arena, he loves working with small teams to help an organization efficiently and effectively grow their business by improving the most important factor to success: Sales. And all factors that go into maximizing them.

From consumer electronics to staffing, to solar financing to beer growlers, his depth of sales knowledge and channel development is integral to the success of the businesses he assists. Nathan is excited to bring his positive energy and experience to the SBDC in an effort to help fellow passionate entrepreneurs thrive. Nathan has most recently focused his efforts on real estate services including commercial leasing and construction.

Expertise: Channel Development Construction Craft Brewing Business Leasing Manufacturing Real Estate Sales