About Us

Committed to small business success.

The Solano-Napa Small Business Development Center (SBDC) provides small business owners and entrepreneurs in both Solano and Napa Counties with the highest quality, confidential business counseling, training, and business research at no cost.

Get to Know Solano-Napa SBDC

We serve Solano and Napa Counties, providing business support via expert business advising, an expansive array of training options, business roundtables for business owners, and much more. Did you know:

  • SBDC services are confidential, which is important so you can discuss private business information with confidence.
  • Most services are at no cost to you, as Solano-Napa SBDC is funded by federal, state, and local grants and funding.
  • Funding support is available: While we don’t provide loans directly, we can help you evaluate your options and prepare your funding requests.
  • We offer expansive workshop and training options too, teaching thousands of people each year on topics to launch, improve and grow their businesses.
  • We’ve got the expertise you need: Whatever stage your business is in, we have expertise to help you make your entrepreneurial journey more successful.
  • Business Roundtable groups bring together business owners to plan and improve their businesses in a small group setting, at no charge to Solano and Napa businesses. Similar groups cost hundreds of dollars or more.

FAQs about the SBDC

How do I become a client?

Request our services. An SBDC staff member will contact you with the next steps.

Does the SBDC provide loans?

We do not provide financing; rather, our advising is technical and educational in nature. We can, however, help you identify sources for financing and will work with you to meet the requirements of financing organizations.

We have a team of finance Business Advisors with expertise in all aspects of funding for your business.

We can work with you to create finance packages for banks and other lending agencies and organizations, SBA loans, and we have expertise in alternative financing options of all sorts. See our Get Funded section for additional details.

Learn more about getting help to get funding.

Does the SBDC provide grants?

We do not provide grants; rather, our advising is technical and educational in nature. We can, however, help you identify sources for financing and will work with you to meet the requirements of financing organizations.

However we do administer some of the funding in conjunction with various cities or counties, and we have helped with other Covid-related funding.

You can view any current grants and grant information under the ‘Funding’ tab.

Is the SBDC the same as the SBA?

No. The SBDC receives a portion of its funding from the US Small Business Administration and works closely with the agency in its delivery of services. 

We also help you apply for SBA funding; if you need help with any SBA funding (loans or grants, when applicable), you can request our services.

For more information about the SBA, visit SBA.gov.

How much does SBDC charge for its services?

The SBDC provides confidential one-on-one business consulting at no charge.

Some services, such as workshops or special programs, may occasionally have a nominal fee (especially for any materials or exams which we pay for), but most are at no charge.

I have a nonprofit business. Can the SBDC help me?

It depends. If you have a specific business need – such as obtaining funding or hiring employees – we may be able to provide advising support.

Because nonprofits are not our focus, we have limited knowledge about nonprofits and do not provide nonprofit-specific information.

We provide clients a strong foundation to build on.

No one can predict the future, but we can help you prepare for it.

In these uncertain times, you can rely on SBDC to provide security and stability when it’s needed most.

We are your support team, genuinely excited about your business, and we’re committed to helping entrepreneurs like you successfully navigate the economy’s ups and downs and prepare for whatever lies ahead.

How Can the SBDC Help your Business?

Expert Business Advising

Confidential no-cost expert support covering nearly any business


Business Roundtable Groups

Your business team to help plan, grow and thrive


Training & EDUCATION

Workshops you need to keep you learning & growing


Food Business Programs

 We offer a Food INCubator & MEHKO certification



Our funding experts help you through the entire funding process


Business Rx Assessment

Don’t know where to start? The Rx is a ‘small business health exam’


Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

Solano-Napa SBDC’s mission is to empower now and next-generation entrepreneurs with a prepared, growth mindset – through transformative insights, resources, and guidance.

Our Vision

To help Northern California entrepreneurs and small businesses become the most resilient, focused, and competitive small businesses in the market.

Our Values

The highest quality of service to our clients.

Creating measurable local economic impact.

Quick to respond to market needs.

Open to change.

Respect & Integrity
Doing what is right and treating people right.

Working for the good of the team.