Napa success accelerator

Serious Growth Support for Napa County Businesses

This 6-week NAPA SUCCESS program is a unique opportunity for Napa County businesses to experience fast-paced growth planning, complete with support from an expert SBDC Business Advisor — and bonus capital to expand your business.

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The Napa Success Accelerator is a special program funded by Napa County, with the goal of helping our businesses recover and thrive in Napa County.

Successful applicants will participate in an intensive curriculum PLUS weekly business advising to overcome any challenges you may encounter. Businesses that complete the program will also receive $2,500 in capital to be used for business recovery and growth.

Napa Success includes six (mandatory) online sessions over six weeks, while working one-on-one with your expert Business Advisor:

Session One – Accelerator Fundamentals Introduction

(Online via Zoom)
An overview of accelerator fundamentals including:

  • Introduction to Napa Success process, expectations, and resources
  • Takeaways from a business accelerator
  • Achieving new business goals and objectives/overcoming barriers and pitfalls
  • Moving to the next level
  • Minding your mindset to generate solutions
  • Creating a Pitch to raise funds; building a Pitch Deck with key components

Session Two – Building from The Ground Up

(Online via Zoom)
Participating business owners will dive into business growth strategy including:

  • Mission and vision review and development
  • Describing your company
  • Identifying and screening opportunities
  • Pitch deck development

Session Three – Business Organization/Operational Plan

(Online via Zoom)
Focuses on the organization, leadership and team:

  • Optimizing business concept and organization
  • Cultivating innovation and positioning
  • Unique value proposition
  • Align and culture-set your team to a higher purpose
  • Leadership and continuity planning
  • Legal structure/liability protection

Session Four – Branding and Competition

(Online via Zoom)
Covers competitive strategy development:

  • Competitive analysis
  • Market strategies and tactics
  • Principles of effective branding
  • Optimizing sales prospecting/growth hacking
  • Opportunities to review draft pitch decks

Session Five – Financial Plan /Financials and Funding

(Online via Zoom)
Understanding financials to analyze and improve your business:

  • Using the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Analysis reports
  • Preparing financial projections
  • Efficiencies and maximizing performance
  • Managing the cash flow cycle to improve your cash flow
  • Preparing for funding

Session Six – Pitching your Business

(Online via Zoom)
Napa Success wraps up with an online presentation of your pitch deck to an audience of participants and stakeholders.

This process replicates the real-world process to obtain funding. After successful completion, you’ll receive a $2,500 capital infusion and continue working on your business as part of a monthly Entrepreneur Business Roundtable.

Napa Success Snapshot

  • 6-week training program
  • Provides business success support & capital
  • Ends with a final ‘pitch presentation’
  • Businesses that complete all components receive a $2,500 grant to use for business purposes
  • Selection by random lottery (business verified to meet the criteria)

Is Your Business Eligible?

Your business must meet ALL of the criteria:

  • Located/based in Napa County
  • Open and earning income prior to Jan. 1, 2022
  • Has a current Napa County or city business license
  • No more than 50 employees (no minimum)

One application per business, per person, and per household. See additional details in the Eligibility section of the FAQs, below.

Napa Success FAQs

Program Overview: About Napa Success

How many businesses will participate?

Altogether, 40 businesses will participate in Napa Success, each receiving a $2,500 grant.

How long does the program run?

Napa Success Round 1 ran for six weeks in the fall of 2023 and Napa Success Round 2 is planned for spring 2024. Check back in late 2023/early 2024 for exact dates and to apply.

When will the business training be scheduled?

Napa Success Round 2 dates are not set yet, except that it will be in Spring 2024.

You can sign up for our newsletter to make sure you receive notices about application dates and other updates.

How is Napa Success funded?

This special program is funded by Napa County with the goal of helping our businesses recover and thrive in Napa County. For this reason, it is only available to existing businesses in Napa County.

Is the program online or in-person?

The six weeks are entirely online, once a week.

In addition, you will meet weekly with your business advisor (online via Zoom, via phone, or in-person as you two arrange).

Note: Participation in all sessions is required to receive the $2,500 grant funding.

Is the program free?

Yes, it is free; there is no cost to participants. Completing business owner participants will receive a $2,500 grant for their businesses.

Is Napa Success available in Spanish?

Napa Success is offered in English only.

How do I get notifications about this program?

Please join our mailing list and sign up for our newsletter.

Who do I contact if I have any questions or issues?

You can contact Brianna Boyd via email at

Eligibility: Are you Eligible?

Who can apply/participate?

Small businesses located in Napa County are eligible to apply and participate if the business meets ALL of the criteria:

  • Located/based in Napa County
  • Open and earning income prior to Jan. 1, 2022.
  • Has a current Napa County or city business license (or a state license for childcare providers)
  • Has no more than 50 employees (no minimum)

Note: If selected, you will need to provide supporting documentation for the above requirements.

Note: The business owner must apply, limit one application per business, per person, and per household.

Can I take the program more than once?

No. And under no circumstances can an individual or business receive more than one grant. Trying to do so may disqualify you from the program.

Can I apply for both the English the and Spanish trainings?

No, trying to do so may disqualify you from the program.

I live in Napa County but my business is in another county. Is my business eligible?

No, your business must be licensed in Napa County, as the funds for this program are from ARPA (the American Rescue Plan Act) allocation to Napa County.

I live in another county, but my business is in Napa County. Is my business eligible?

Yes, as long as your business meets all the criteria.

I have a business with multiple locations in multiple counties. Is my business eligible?

Yes, if your business is headquartered in Napa County and meets the other criteria.

Are franchisees eligible?

Yes, as long as the franchisee business is licensed in Napa County and meets the other criteria.

I am an independent contractor. Am I eligible?

You must be a registered business with an active business license and meet the other criteria to be eligible.

I have a registered business but have not generated revenue. Is my business eligible?

No, your business must be generating income since January 1, 2022.

Are all business entities (sole props, LLC, etc.) eligible?

Yes, all business entities are eligible to apply.

I have a legitimate business but not a business license; is it required?

Yes, you MUST have a current business license at the time of application — either from Napa County or from the city/town in Napa County where your business is located.

Grant Award: About the Funding

What is the grant amount?

Participants who complete this program will receive a grant of $2,500 that can be used to recover, grow and expand their business.

If I am awarded, how can I use the grant?

Funds must be used solely for business-related purposes. Participants will provide a grant plan in their application that they will self-attest to this stipulation.

Am I or is my business awarded the grant?

If you are selected and successfully complete the program, your business will be awarded the $2,500 grant to be used for business purposes.

Is the grant tax-free or is it subject to taxes?

It is not tax-deductible (i.e. it is recorded as income for tax purposes).

Application: How to Apply

How do I apply?

Apply online at this webpage when the application opens. The application opens late 2023/early 2024.

If you already applied for Round 1 but were not selected, you DO NOT need to reapply; your application rolls forward to Round 2.

Will there be a Round 2?

Yes, Napa Success Round 2 will be offered in the spring of 2024.

Sign up for our newsletter to make sure you receive notices about program updates, including when the grant reopens (late 2023/early 2024).

When is the deadline to apply?

The deadline to apply for Round 2 is not set yet, but the application itself will reopen late 2023/early 2024 for Napa Success Round 2.

You only need to apply for Napa Success once. All qualified applicants from Round 1 will automatically be included in the lottery for Round 2.

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Can I apply for multiple locations?

No, only one application per business, per person, and per household. If you apply for more than one location for your business, you may be disqualified.

I have more than one business; can I apply for each business?

No, only one application per business, per person, and per household. If you apply more than once, you may be disqualified.

We have multiple business owners/partners; can we each apply to Napa Success?

No, only one application per business, per person, and per household. If more than one person applies for the same business, you may be disqualified.

Selection: Who is Awarded?

How are applicants selected?

All qualified applicants from round 1 were included in a randomized lottery to select the 20 businesses invited to participate in Napa Success.

Round 2 will open for any new applications in late 2023/early 2024.

Any qualified businesses that applied, but were not selected for Napa Success Round 1 are automatically included.

The new applications plus prior applicants are all included in a randomized lottery for Napa Success Round 2.

How will I know if I’m selected?

You will be contacted using the phone number and email address you provided in your application.

Do I have to be an SBDC business client?

You do not need to be an SBDC client to apply, but if you are accepted, you must be a Solano-Napa SBDC client to participate. If you are not already a SBDC business client, you can sign up prior to the first session.

Note: There is NO COST to receiving help from the SBDC.

Expectations: Requirements If Selected

What can I expect?

If you are selected, you will develop and/or expand your business plans, receive one-on-one support working with a Business Advisor, and learn how to pitch your business to attract funding — all to support you in being more successful!

This is done in a training course over six weeks, meeting regularly on a weekly basis for sessions (six 1.5 hour sessions held online), PLUS working one-on-one with an assigned SBDC Business Advisor to help you plan and grow.

Forty Napa County businesses will be awarded, taught in groups of up to 20 at a time. The group will meet Tuesdays 6-7:30pm. During each session, participants will learn about and be exposed to current industry best practices from expert Business Advisors from the Solano-Napa SBDC.

Outside of class time, you’ll meet weekly with your Business Advisor at a time you both arrange; this will provide you with one-on-one support to plan, improve and grow your business, and learn how to pitch your business to attract funding.

The final sixth session ends with all participants doing a pitch presentation. Participants who have completed all the components (weekly meetings including a final pitch, weekly meetings with a Business Advisor, and any required weekly work to plan your success) will receive an ARPA-funded $2,500 grant to grow and expand their business.

Are classes mandatory?

Yes, you must attend ALL six sessions over the six weeks in order to receive grant funding.

If I have to miss one of the meetings, how do I make it up?

You will not be able to make up a missed meeting. You can continue to attend the trainings but you will not be eligible for grant funding if you miss a meeting.

Are participants required to present at the end?

Yes, all participants must finish the program and present a business ‘pitch’ to qualify for grant funding. This final session is online via Zoom.

If I am selected to participate, how many hours per week will I have to dedicate to this program?

You can expect to work a minimum of 4 hours a week to grow and improve your business.

This includes 1.5 hours for the weekly session, 1 hour to meet with your Business Advisor, and an additional 1.5 hours to work on the weekly topic.

Will there be assignments or homework?

Yes, participants will be expected to complete assignments every week.

Will I be assigned a Business Advisor?

Yes, all participants will be assigned a Solano-Napa SBDC Business Advisor. Each participant will meet weekly with their assigned or existing Business Advisor (in addition to the regular weekly sessions) to receive support in progressing through through the program.

Meetings can be online, via phone, or in-person, as arranged by you and your advisor.

Where will the six weekly classes be held?

All sessions will be held online via Zoom.

If I am in the class, can my spouse/partner also participate in the training?

If your spouse/partner is a partner in your business, then they may attend the training with you (it is recommended but it is not required).