Partner with Us

As any good business owner should do, the Solano-Napa SBDC strives to develop and maintain strong strategic partnerships.  

The SBDC Provides Support to the Small Business Community of Solano and Napa Counties.

We partner with organizations that are committed to the small business community and ready to work together to achieve long-term economic impact.

We often partner with community organizations in a number of ways. This includes sponsorships and referral partners, such as banks, who refer small business customers to work with us. Referrals from banks and other small business professionals are a significant source of SBDC clients. 


Typically, the SBDC receives roughly 50 percent of its funding from the SBA. Other grants and sponsorships are key to supporting overall operations or backing specific training initiatives.

Your sponsorship can directly impact small businesses, and thus our business community as a whole. Working together we can help our businesses – and the greater community – reach their economic potential. 

Some typical sponsorship opportunities include providing financial support to operate or grow:

  • Roundtable groups 
  • Workshops, which may be in specific locations or of certain types
  • Advanced programs such as an Incubator or Accelerator program
  • Increased support for specific locations, such as remote or economically disadvantaged areas

With sponsorship funding, we can also expand existing programs or launch new initiatives to support and improve the strength of our small businesses.

If you’re interested in sponsoring Solano-Napa SBDC, please contact Tim Murrill at 707-646-1071.

Spotlight: Partnership Success

The Restaurant Resiliency Program has been an important success for restaurants. The initial program included $100,000, which funded restaurants and food trucks making 3,200 meals over a 20-week period.

These meals were distributed by partners at Vallejo’s Fighting Back Partnership and Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District’s Family Resource Program. 

This program was a huge success and has been extended into 2023.

Restaurant Resiliency Program