Solano-NAPA Business Group

Developed specifically for business owners (up to 100 employees), the Solano Success Roundtable group meets online. Solano County entrepreneurs work on their business and solve problems by covering topics including marketing strategy, goal setting, finance, time management, customer loyalty, and more.

Meets Every 4th Monday, 6-7:30pm, Online via Zoom

What is a Business Roundtable Group?

It’s a group of entrepreneurs who meet online via Zoom EVERY MONTH to work on their business. Each meeting has a Leader/Facilitator who helps plan meeting activities. The group’s success comes from member participation — so showing up monthly is ESSENTIAL!

This is not merely a ‘networking group’ — it is not about selling what you do, but improving your business. We use a ’roundtable style’ so we have time to discuss your unique business issues.

What do we do Each Month?

Work on business success! Each meeting includes:

  • Connecting with a group of like-minded business owners in your county.
  • Group discussion time to share and explore the monthly topic as it relates to your business, including discussing your business concerns.
  • We’ll cover topics of all kinds: marketing strategy, goal setting, financial improvements, using your time wisely, improving your website, building customer loyalty — and much more. Most meetings feature an expert Guest Speaker.

Am I Eligible to Join?

The Solano-Napa Roundtable is open to entrepreneurs who currently own small businesses (up to 50 employees) in Solano or Napa County. This is not a group for businesses planning to start, but for existing businesses; you must prove you are currently in business. Businesses may be of any kind, but must be based in Solano or Napa County.

Spaces are limited. By joining the group, you are expected to show up monthly and participate, including providing input and encouragement to others in the group.

When, Where, and How Long do we Meet? 

The Solano-Napa Roundtable meets every fourth Monday, 6-7:30pm (December excepted).

For details and to apply, please contact the group leader for all meeting details. You must meet the qualifications and there must be enough space in the group.

What’s the Cost?

There is currently no membership fee and participation is at no charge, thanks to funding support by the Solano-Napa Small Business Development Center (SBDC).

However, you must apply to be accepted. Spaces are limited. See above for the eligibility criteria of the group.

Who are We?

Solano Success is co-led by Lisa Bishop and Dr. Dene Starks-McGee. Lisa is owner of The Bishop Concept and is also a Business Advisor for the Solano-Napa Small Business Development Center (SBDC). 

In her consulting work, Lisa conducts webinars, retreats, workshops, coaching and facilitation. Her goal is to create a positive transformation within organizations, coaching teams and executives, including initiators, decision makers, influencers, and intervention implementors.

Dené is the CEO of DJS Business Solutions and loves helping people plan, optimize, and launch their new business.

Dené brings over 15 years of experience and has spent the majority of her career in Business Management & Development as well as Organizational Training.

Questions? Call us at (707) 646-1071

Other Details

All meetings are held online using Zoom so members can more easily participate – no additional travel time required!

As part of joining this group, you consent to receiving direct emails from the group leader, with your email is visible and shared among the group. Your info is not shared with anyone outside of the group and your information is confidential.

Accommodations: Reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities will be made if requested at least 2 weeks in advance of this any meeting by contacting the event leader.

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