sell or transition Your Business

Do you want to find a buyer or transition your business to another family member or employee? SBDC can advise you as your plan your exit strategy.

What’s your next business step?

Simply put, an exit strategy is your game plan for leaving your business, whether you’re retiring, selling, or passing the reins to someone else. It’s like having a GPS for the future of your company.

Expert Advising: Exit Strategy

Our expertise spans various facets of business ownership, ensuring you make informed decisions that align with your goals.

Creating an Exit Strategy

Planning your exit? Our experienced advisors collaborate with you to develop a comprehensive exit strategy. Whether you’re considering selling, merging, or passing the business to family or employees, we tailor a plan that aligns with your financial and personal objectives.

Here’s how we approach it:

  1. Tailored Exit Strategies: We understand that every business is unique, and so is your journey. Our experts work with you to create a personalized exit strategy that aligns with your goals and circumstances.
  2. Maximizing Business Value: You’ve put your heart and soul into your business; let’s make sure you get the value you deserve. We help you identify ways to maximize the value of your business before you exit.
  3. Planning for the Unexpected: Life has a way of throwing curveballs. Our approach includes preparing for unexpected events, so your business remains resilient even if things don’t go exactly as planned.

Marketing Your Business for Sale

Effectively marketing your business is crucial for attracting potential buyers. Though we do not act as business brokers, our team can advise you in creating a compelling sales package, identifying target buyers, and leveraging marketing channels to showcase the value of your business.

Business Valuation

Determining the true worth of your business is a critical aspect of the selling process. Our experts provide comprehensive business valuation services, considering financials, market conditions, and other relevant factors to ensure you receive a fair and competitive price.

Transitioning Your Business to Family/Employees

Passing the baton to family members or existing employees requires careful planning. We guide you through the transition process, helping you implement succession plans, train key personnel, and create a seamless handover strategy for a successful transition.